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Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts

Audio Upgrade

Located in Burlington City, New Jersey, Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts is a renowned cultural venue that shows artistic expression and community engagement. We recently enhanced their audio setup by implementing a snake system, carefully routing cables along the walls to prevent accidents, clearly labeling all connections, adjusting the sound console, and creating a detailed signal flow diagram for the theater. We removed all the improperly routed old XLR cables and traded this for a snake system.

While you may not be able to see it visually, these improvements have notably elevated the quality of sound and operational efficiency, guaranteeing flawless performances and events. Our dedication to safety, organization, and cleanliness remains a top priority, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with Lyceum Hall in furthering their ongoing mission.

What we installed:

12 Channel Snake (8 ins 4 outs)

Cable Mounts for Snake and XLR

Be sure to click the link below to see what events are coming up at Lyceum Hall.

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