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Music isn't just a passion—it's a way of life. From Burlington, New Jersey, Jack is a self-taught musician and accomplished drummer with an unwavering dedication to his craft. His journey led him to the vibrant musical hub of Nashville, where he immersed himself in the world of audio at Belmont University, mastering both the technical and business aspects of the music industry. Jack has worked with numerous musicians and performers in Nashville and New Jersey further honing his skills and expanding his network. Influenced by iconic artists like Dave Matthews, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Buddy Guy, and many more, his diverse musical tastes inform his unique approach to production and performance. With a skill for live audio production and a keen eye for detail in studio environments, Jack is the go-to guy for bringing artists' visions to life. Fueled by collaboration and a relentless pursuit of sonic perfection, Jack thrives on the challenge of translating creativity into unforgettable auditory experiences. Ready to take on new opportunities and eager to explore uncharted musical territories, Jack is ready to make waves in the industry and leave his mark on every project he touches.

"It's your stage, let us take care of the sound"

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